Dr. Schultze film and law is a commercial law firm with its focus on advertising and representing in the field of the production, financing and exploitation of audiovisual products, mainly cinematic films and TV programs.

The offer addresses producers and production companies, agencies, production service providers, internet service providers (ISP), completion bonds and gap financiers, film funds and broadcasters, publishing houses and distributors and last but not least all copyright holders and holders of neighbouring rights.


Particularly in the sensitive area of media production all agreements „stand and fall“ with their market acceptance. In general, agreements must meet not only a domestic but an international standard since players involved in the project work abroad. Foreign patterns for agreements – if applicable for the project – will follow local characteristics. Any legal commenting and advertising request broad market experience.


If media pojects are realized typically numerous law fields prove to also be concerned. Next to a coherent approach when it comes to all agreements forming the project the attention is further drawn to labor law, corporate law, trade law, competition law, trademark law, compliance und personality rights, inter alia. Long-time experience as legal adviser will help to identify feasible solutions in these regards, equally.


As soon as finished, the value of any audiovisual product is identified in favor of its owners and beneficiaries by the way it is exploited. The proper utilisation is characterized by the conception by which the grant of rights to distributors and licensees is performed. Competing usage must be aligned and unauthorized use must be prevented or, if happening, be fought. Unintended and undesired ways of use can be monetarised as soon as having become known. Finally, a proper exploitation paves the way for the envisaged next project by generating financial ressources and increasing name recognition of all parties and persons having participated in the project. Experienced legal support is key to enforce a successful and coherent exploitation.